Albert Street Memorial Bridge, Regina SK

Built in 1929 as a “relief” project during the depression, this bridge was part of the overall development that included the draining and deepening of Lake Wascana.

High Level Bridge, Edmonton, AB

This Canadian Pacific Railway Bridge was designed by P.M. Motley and constructed between 1910 and 1913. It was the first major transportation link in the city across the North Saskatchewan River.

South Saskatchewan Weir, Saskatoon, SK

SOUTH SASKATCHEWAN WEIR, SASKATOON, SK – 2004 Built in 1934 as a “relief” project to help control water levels and act as a reservoir in times of drought it is now one of Saskatoon’s landmarks, was initially developed as a water reservoir and...

Upper Middle Road Bridge, Mississauga

  Concrete Rainbow Through Arch Bridge. Designer – Frank Barber Constructor – O.L. Hicks This bridge, built in 1909, is the second example of the concrete truss bridge or the tied arch to be built in North America and the first in Canada. The bridge can support a...