Fortifications of Quebec, Quebec City, PQ.

Construction of the City’s main fortifications was started in 1745 under the direction of Gaspard-Joseph Chaussegros de Lery; later expanded and improved by both the French and the English.  

Grand Rapids Tramway, Grand Rapids, Manitoba

Constructed in 1877 by Walter Moberley, the tramway was used for twenty years by the Hudson’s Bay Company to portage goods around the rapids between the Saskatchewan River and Lake Winnipeg.  

Halifax Graving Dock

Now owned by Irving Shipbuilding, the large dry dock was constructed in the 1880s for shipbuilding and repairs.  It has functioned during two World Wars and is still serving the industry today.  According to the CSCE’s Program of Designation, the 173-metre-long and...

Hamilton’s 1859 Pumping Station, Hamilton, Ontario

Facility was equipped with two steam-powered units; pumped potable water from Lake Ontario until 1910; designed by Thomas C. Keefer, the first president of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers. LOCATION: 900 Woodward Ave, Hamilton, ON L8H 7N2

Intercolonial Railway, Moncton, New Brunswick

Built to fulfil a key condition of Confederation, the Intercolonial Railway, headquartered in Moncton, linked the Maritimes with the rest of Canada. With Sandford Fleming was the Chief Engineer the railway was completed in 1876.

Iqaluit Airfield, Nunavut

LOCATION: Iqaluit, Nunavut. Latitude and Longitude : 65 45 23 N 68 32 35 W DESCRIPTION: The original construction of the Iqaluit airfield, originally known as Crystal II, was undertaken by the US military in 1942, and their work on the airfield continued until 1957....

Jacques Cartier Bridge, Montreal, QC

The Jacques Cartier Bridge is a five-lane cantilever bridge about 2 1/6 miles (3.4 km) in length, spanning the St. Lawrence River between the cities of Montreal and Longueuil. Designers were Monsarrat and Pratley. The cantilever section of the bridge measures 1,937...

Kettle Creek Bridge, St. Thomas, Ontario

Built for the Canadian Southern Railway in 1871 as a single track timber structure. Replaced in 1883 by a double track steel structure and reconstructed in 1927 with reinforced concrete piers and deck plate girders. Innovative construction techniques were used on both...